Post Appointment Reminders

In addition to forming good daily brushing habits, it is also important to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Professional cleanings are done at your dentist’s office by a dental professional. This type of cleaning can help remove hard deposits on your teeth that daily brushing cannot remove. It also helps prevent gum disease. You should have your teeth professionally cleaned twice each year if your teeth are healthy, and more often if you have specific health concerns that effect your oral health.

Your dental professional can help you determine the best answer to the question, “How often should you clean your teeth?” Talk to them about how often you need professional cleanings based on your specific oral hygiene needs. Learn more about oral hygiene in the Colgate Oral Care resources.

ProGental will notify you via WhatsApp, email, Facebook private message, or text message when it is time for your next dental cleaning.  Many times our clients find themselves very busy with their daily activities and forget about their dental health.  We take responsibility and will notify you about your next appointment so this way we can help you prevent future health and oral issues and help you maintain a fresh and healthy smile!

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