Dental Specialist Referrals

At ProGental one of our #1 priorities is  to make a proper in-depth assessment when evaluating each and every patient that comes to visit us.  Why is an in-depth assessment important to us and why should it also be important to every patient that comes to visit us?  Simply put, to help each and every patient become aware of their present over health situation with regards to their oral health.

Many people are not educated and/or aware of the numerous direct links present between their overall wellness and their oral hygiene.  This is one of the reasons why ProGental was created.  Your oral health is a window to your overall health.


Poor oral hygiene (gum disease) has been found to be linked to several illnesses including:

Our professional dental hygienists will let you know exactly what you have and your risk of disease through our complete evaluation.  At the end of your visit we will be able to make the necessary suggestions and make you a proposal by providing you with a referrals to other dental specialist including:

What are you waiting for?  Come visit us for a complete evaluation!

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