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ProGental is the first Dental Hygiene Clinic in Peru. It was created with the purpose of providing a basic need all people have – clean and healthy teeth. Scientific research has proven the fact that many systemic diseases arise from lack of good oral health. This was a problem detected for many years in the Peruvian Culture with lack of a permanent solution. This is the reason ProGental Dental Hygiene Services was created. Our mission is simple: to improve the dental care culture in Peru starting with the children and providing dental hygiene services to Peruvian and International families living or visiting Peru. Not only do we offer professional services to all of our patients but we do so at an affordable cost. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Why Choose Us?

  • Our Dental Hygienists – is a therapist who prevents and detects diseases at an early stage while a Dentist is a professional who fixes a problem. In most cases when a person visits a dentist it is under stress due to pain caused by a toothache.
  • Commitment To Your Satisfaction – While a dentist is there to take care of dental problems and conditions in your mouth; most of the time they are under stress to do a perfect job while dealing with the patient’s pain. The dentist is trained for these situations and therefore are well paid for it. They will not dedicate the time needed in a patient to prevent a problem hence a dental cleaning. Most of the time they hire a dental hygienist to work for them rather than do the cleaning themselves. Here at ProGental, we are committed to your satisfaction and will dedicate the just time needed on your deep cleanings or maintenance cleanings for your to prevent more serious problems and avoid the pain that comes along with a more serious dental procedure.
  • Professional-Gentle-Dental – After reviewing your medical history and and giving you a full oral assessment, out Dental Hygienist will refer you to either a medical doctor or a dentist based on the findings and your needs. Be assured that we want the best care for you!
  • Get The Most For Your Money – while at a dental office most dentist will spend 30 minutes just to polish your teeth; here at ProGental our Hygienist will take their time and create an individualized treatment plan just for you and your oral needs. Your Dental Hygienist will spend from 45 minutes to an hour and do a COMPLETE SERVICE from reviewing your medical history to giving you specific strategies to keep and maintain the best oral health possible.


Complete Hygiene Service

  • Review medical history
  • Check blood pressure
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Complete oral examination
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • X-rays if necessary
  • Hand scaling
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Polishing and removal of stains
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Nutritional advise
  • Sealants
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Post-appointment reminders
  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment diagnosis
  • Other dental specialist referrals if necessary


Our Values

We love what we do! This is why you can rest assure your oral care is in the best hands.

Working as a team helps us make you our upmost priority. Here at ProGental our Dental Hygienist are professional, elegant, genuine, honest, confident, humble, productive, gentle, meticulous, tenacious, proud, dedicated, diligent, prompt, respectful, charismatic, team players, leaders, courteous, consistent, and caring!

Our Skills

Professionalism 100%
Patient + Understanding 95%
Positive Attitude 98%
Meticulous 95%
Dedicated 100%


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